Discover the most affordable, playful, compact, fuel-efficient and lightweight watercraft in the industry. Fun to ride and easy to tow with a small car, the SPARK is designed to make the most out of your summer on the water.


The WAKE PRO model delivers the most stable ride in the industry. With extra space for set-up, easy boarding, and a serious 100W Bluetooth Audio System, these models aren’t kidding around..


Push the limits of what you can do, where you can go, and how fast you can get there with our powerful and precise performance models.


Your money goes further on water than you ever thought possible. Fun and nimble handling. Room for three, and now with more storage.


With the largest swim platform in the industry and a removable seat, the GTX models allow to lounge or enjoy a picnic. Add the music from its Bluetooth Audio System and extra cargo, like a cooler and your days on the water would never be the same.


You don’t need to cast your net wide to find the best model for your fishing needs. Discover the clever, versatile and performance-packed FISH PRO. Featuring the New iDF (Intelligent Debris Free Pump System).

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